Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


So some ASSH0LE was parked at a stop sign right by my house last night. A friend and a neighbor were outside and saw my one year old Great Dane (Daisy) get out of the gate and that punk bitch SPED UP & HIT HER. Got out of his car to see if his f'ing CAR was okay than our friends yelled for me and as soon as me and my roomate ran out and he hopped in his car and sped off again.
Please Please Please pray for her!
Also there are boys who need to pay for her vet bills and treats and spoil her in her time of need. GREEN DOT MONEY PAK RELOADS to
I'm going to be taking some pictures with her and probally putting them in My diary. I will be gone for a while until I know my babys status and will update in my diary about her as well.

I posted this as a reply to a blog on MFDS:
Thank You all SO much! I told her how LOVE Ya'll sent. I'll get back to EACH&EVERY one of YOU! I'll be taking pictures tomorrow and putting them in My diary. Shes back from surgery, with one of the biggest cones around her head, I have ever seen!!! (She's a big ass dog). Her nose stopped bleeding but there is still a huge boo-boo from where the fatherfucker's license plate hit her. She has no feeling in one of her front paws. The doctor says if there is no feeling in a week, they'll have to amputate it. I'm going to try physical therapy first & hopefully that will help... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update Transexual Financial Domination

Alright now for some things I got yesterday with MY amazing talent, powers and just because I am hot, smart and a gold-digger!
ALSO because I didn't receive as many forever21 giftcards as I wanted, I'm not modeling SHIT for you rejects.
  LOVE the bag, LOVE the neon yellow/grey tank top (the neon yellow in the pic is not nearly as vibrant as it is in person) HATE the other shirt I got. (I just don't like how it fits)

Alright so that little shit who sent ME that e-mail a few posts back or whatever.. Actually wasn't a broke moron and I finally (after waiting like 3 fucking days) got this;
So I ordered a bunch of necklaces & earings. A dress, a shirt and 2 sweaters. Can't wait till they arrive! :) Good START cocksucker!

And finally, I have been #1 for like a month (maybe 2).

So every single one of you lurker stalker reject losers, click this EVERYDAY. you should also be TRIBUTING consistantly. Alright? Get it? Got it? GOOD.

your only here for MY entertainment.
I love building MY empire, built on the backs of you slaves. 
BUT, I work the hardest than any of you bitches. 
Pay your respects you filthy whores.

Alot more updates & amazing-ness coming soon.
I also see quite a few of you have been buying every single clip of mine, KEEP IT UP! I LOVE IT. I love seeing CLIP ORDER, CLIP ORDER, CLIP ORDER in MY inbox.

 I plan on cranking out clips but...

I have been enjoying MY summer, laying out tanning, working out, shopping, DRINKING, partying like a rockstar. Love MY life, friends & ME! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is everyone starting to get it? Financial Domination

Transexual Financial Domination

Hello Goddess Briana.

Your website is an inspiration. You are a true Goddess and Your greed is beautiful. I hope hundreds or perhaps thousands of losers such as me discover You and give You all that You desire. A transexual Goddess is a rare and special person to be worshipped and obeyed. No woman can equal You. With my shameful little dicklet I don't deserve to be considered for sex and i realise my place is to serve a dominatrix with the one thing i can offer - money.

It would be an honor to be Your financial slave. Serving Your greed would give purpose to my existence. I will tribute You on my next pay day and until then, refrain from pleasuring myself as i realise such relief should be permitted only as a reward for generosity.

Yours in submission,
cocksucker slave

you must submit, get over it. To whoever sent this e-mail.. W/we will talk once your TRIBUTE arrives. (What an HONOR it is to send Me $$$)

BTW. A fun little fact. When you google Transexual Financial Domination, MY blog is usually on the first page as #2.

Also click this. I have been #1 on Financial Domination Top 100 for a few weeks. Keep it up hoes!

ALSO: I do plan on updating My website. Even though it is devine, I feel it's in shambles. So prepare for a real work of ART.
Transexual Financial Dominatrix
P.S If you don't have a twitter.. MAKE ONE NOW & FOLLOW ME. TWEET ME!

EDIT: I still want MORE. $50? Are you joking Me? I bought a little bad & 2 shirts but I want lots of dresses & more tops. I will MODEL everything I get, so keep 'um coming dum-dum-in-loves! :) 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Financial Domination & enjoying My summer!

Diary Entry & Clips coming soon.
Also, I need some new summer dresses.
I'll model whatever I get!
Keep working & paying.. & I'll keep being pampered & playing.
Bye bitches. GET BACK TO WORK.

Than buy all of them!! mwuahahahahaha!



A funny sample booty pop! HAHA!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 sluts.

Alright so the nasty whore above is kind of a famous sissy. The funny thing is he's paid Me I think about $300 (green dot) all together for Me to record him on yahoo. 1st time I was drunk and didn't save it and now guess what SISSY? The one I recorded on the 4th of July turned out to be REALLY shitty quality. SAD :( I was excited for this one. This whore slammed her manpuss on a buttplug, then deepthroated the shit coated plug, and made a sign that said Goddess Briana made me do it! haha I hope you didn't brush your teeth that night like I told you to! EWWWWW sick pervert! But anyway, Daniel, e-mail Me & lets try a THIRD time.. I'm going to have you run to the store again and get Me $200 greendot. This time YOUR going to record your own porno. Why should I do it? It does amuse Me though!

I know all of you want to see, so you can buy 3 stills from the vid.

The bimbo above is still recovering from surgery. HURRY THE FUCK UP YOU DUMB WHORE.
OMG. Disgusting faggots, BUY HER 3 NASTY MAID WHORE PICTURES NOW. In My opinion better than the above bitches pictures..
swallowing vibrator, taking vibrator up the a-hole than face down ass up cumdumpster pose.

LOVE her!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fashion. Transexual Financial Domination

@brianasbitch is having surgery on Thurs. As soon as it recovers I will be pimping out her holes. This slut loves BBC and gives $20 bjs if any one in the NORTH WEST would like a piece of that!

I'm over & done with amazon. Suck My bitches left nut.

I however am accepting any of THESE with GREENDOT being My fav.

So, calling all AMERICAN boys. Stop by the store and pick up a GREENDOT MONEYPAK for your sexy Goddess... you will just WASTE that $$$ you earned..., so you need to give it over to ME! Such a good decision! :)

Every bitch reading and wanking for free needs to click THIS & THAN CLICK THIS!

Peace out motherfuckers!